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SOS  Vision Statement

Phase One: “Better”

To help people and organizations move their Mental Health Wellness “needle” from where they are to “better”.

Thus, helping them get along better with colleagues, clients and management. Which leads to better collaboration, team work, ideas, progress, efficiency and productivity. Thus, reducing conflict, wasted time, missed deadlines, and duplication.

In the personal spectrum it encourages and supports better relationships and a better environment to raise children so they grow up healthier and more resilient.

Reducing the burden on family, society and freeing up the limited Mental Health resources for those that really need help.

Phase Two: “Leverage Capacity”

Leverage new found bandwidth to achieve better results

With new found capacity, SOS will help enhance profit, productivity, culture through internal expertise and experience, or various Channel Partners that fit within the Vision and Mission of SOS’s culture and principles.

SOS  Mission

To improve the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Canada through Mental Health Wellness.

Clients who Stopped the Silence!

We at London Hydro have embarked upon developing a high performance culture. We are undertaking many activities to achieve that goal, one of which is employee health and wellness. Sarah Hilton of Stressed Out Solutions has been instrumental in providing us significant insight and assistance in developing our employee mental health program. Her contribution has been significant, bringing us a few national awards in recognition of our employee health and wellness programs. Sarah, thank you for your wealth of knowledge.
VINAY SHARMA, CEO - London Hydro
I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Sarah speak in front of small groups and large audiences on several occasions. She delivers memorable, thought-provoking, and enlightening presentations about mental health and illness. She is an experienced and knowledgeable speaker who speaks about mental health and illness with comfort and grace, and offers tools to reinvent thinking about the stigma surrounding mental illness. She makes difficult topics accessible and easily understandable. Sarah is results-oriented and she has a gift connecting with audiences of different ages, cultures, industries and sectors. She always connects with and keeps the audience engaged. I highly recommend Sarah Hilton as a keynote speaker for small and large groups.
ANNE BONFIGLI, General Manager & CAO - Bartimaeus Inc.
Thank you for your presentation on Mental Health in the Workplace. Your presentation style immediately engaged our leadership group encouraging trust for an open and full-some dialogue. The depth of knowledge and practical tools you provided will be put to immediate use. We have so often heard the word “stress” but now have an approach that will help us solution the issues while providing appropriate support for our employees. Your conversation with us today took us far beyond a mental health 101 overview and prepared us to respond meaningfully in a way that will benefit our employees and business.

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