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“We often think of health and safety as trying to prevent someone from getting injured (cut, scraped, pulled muscle, or worse), but too often we forget about the mental health side of it until it’s too late or it’s staring you in the face. That’s what happened at my company.

From the first day Craig spoke to my team, I saw a difference. It was actually the same day that some people approached me and told me about their story and now I understand more and can work with them in a more supportive way that can make a difference. My employees are of all age groups and comfort levels with mental health. Craig helped them all open up and talk, he gave them permission to talk about mental health and it has made a big difference. My co-workers are more understanding, they look after each other, and have each other’s backs.

One person’s absence has made a big impact on my technicians, managers, office staff, and sales, not to mention the customers and even the hit on the brand. Having SOS help us address mental health has certainly improved the understanding of mental health in all areas. Now we are working on the preventative measures, which I am optimistic will improve productivity, sales, and customer service. Roy Inch & Sons launched a new team approach that helps each member understand the bigger picture and SOS helped with our launch. Bringing everyone together physically, mentally, and logistically has significantly increased our performance. It amazes me how receptive all ages were to mental health discussions. It’s true, everyone has mental health. It’s just a matter of how healthy it is. However, what really impressed me is how it brings people together, the ideas, collaboration, performance, and results. I strongly recommend bringing in Craig Tilford and SOS.”

Peter Inch, General Manager | Service Experts
“I listened to Sarah speak in Oakville at a Wellness Event last month. Listening to Sarah speak I was glued to it the entire time, I didn’t check my watch to see how much longer until it’s over. I really enjoyed the topics and the information and how it was presented. I was planning on taking the information back to work to share with my team, what I didn’t expect was to take information home to my family.

That evening at dinner I had a conversation with my 9 and 5 year old about something I learned, I asked them how they would feel about when they came home from school every day that I would ask them how there day was and they would just need to respond with a number and if the number was low I would come to their room that evening and have a private conversation with them.

The next day I had a busy day and had forgotten about this conversation, I asked them how there day was and right away they responded with a number. Now everyday this happens and my 9 year old son that sometimes would bottle things up for long periods of time is now talking to me about what is bothering him right away. What an amazing tool that was just so simple. If my 5 year old can adapt to this than there is no reason why the 20-70 year olds in my workplace can’t as well.”

Amanda Roberts, HR Administrator | Harris Rebar
“Over the last year, Stressed Out Solutions (SOS) has worked closely with London Hydro to establish a 3-year Mental Health in the Workplace Strategic Plan. London Hydro’s Mental Health Specialist’s knowledge and experience in this area has been valuable in providing credibility to and acceptance of our program.

Stressed Out Solutions recent training sessions, attended by all employees, has opened the door for conversations about Mental Health in the workplace. The sessions have broadened our knowledge about Mental Health and have increased our confidence in approaching and communicating with individuals experiencing Mental Health issues.

Stressed Out Solutions however did more than deliver the training. Their ability to connect with employees through listening, empathizing and drawing on personal experiences resulted in employees reaching out to SOS and specifically the Mental Health Specialist.

Stressed Out Solutions Mental Health Specialist met one-on-one with many of our supervisors who sought her advice. Employees approached SOS for information and guidance. One employee in particular was surprised to recognize himself in the material presented by SOS and reached out to Sarah, the Mental Health Specialist.

With SOS’s assistance, we are confident that the initiatives we are introducing over the next couple of years will reduce systemic barriers and create a foundation that will sustain and support a healthy work environment for all employees.”

Elizabeth Carswell, Senior Director Human Resources, London Hydro Inc.
“Thank you Sarah for your presentation on Mental Health in the Workplace. Your presentation style immediately engaged our leadership group encouraging trust for an open and full-some dialogue. The depth of knowledge and practical tools you provided will be put to immediate use. We have so often heard the word “stress” but now have an approach that will help us solution the issues while providing appropriate support for our employees. Your conversation with us today took us far beyond a mental health 101 overview and prepared us to respond meaningfully in a way that will benefit our employees and business.”
Heather McClure, Director WSIB, London