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The REALITY of Mental Health in Your Business

  • “33% of working Canadians are now suffering or have suffered from a mental health condition, such as depression or an anxiety disorder.” (Morneau Shepell 2015)
  • The economic costs of mental health problems in Canada are estimated at least $50 billion per year. (Mental Health Commission of Canada – MHCC 2011)
  • 83% of employees believe they have a responsibility to self-identify if they have a mental illness. Only 31% felt that their direct supervisor would not be understanding or supportive if they did so (Ipsos Reid, 2012).
  • “If you start a sense of psychological safety on your team, you can expect to see higher levels of engagement, increased motivation to tackle difficult problems, more learning opportunities and better performance.” (Harvard Business Review, August 2017)
  • “…70% reported that their workplace experience was affected by their mental health, and 68% of employees reported that they could only maintain their optimal performance for less than 70% of their work day.” (quoted in the Mental Health Commission of Canada and Morneau Shepell report “Understanding mental health, mental illness, and their impacts in the workplace”, 2018 which was first published by Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, July 2010, Volume 52, Issue 7)
  • “90% of employees believe that a mentally healthy workplace is a productive one.” (Morneau Shepell 2015)
  • “99% of physicians surveyed indicate that work issues have a role in the mental health issues they see on a regular basis.” (Morneau Shepell 2015)
  • “Over the next three years, a majority of Canadian organizations will increase focus on building the health and well being of their workforce.” (Willis Towers Watson 2015/2016 Staying@Work Report)
  • “If you can’t observe it, define it or measure it; you are guessing: We recommend organizations start by capturing a baseline of where they are today. This can help focus actions and understand the areas that can foster the greatest impact.” (MHCC & Morneau Shepell 2018)
  • Research shows the number one reason of the top six reasons for investing in the MHCC National Standard of Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace, is “protect health”. Number two is “do the right thing”. Five and six, “manage costs” and “reduce liability”. (MHCC 2014 to 2017 study)
  • “Eight in Ten (82%) Canadians believe Employers responsible for supporting their health” (Ipsos Reid 12Nov2017)
  • “One in three (35%) report Productivity at Work has been negatively affected by their Physical or Mental Health.” (Ipsos Reid 12Nov2017)
  • “Two in ten (16%) working Canadians say their place of work is frequently the source of feelings of Depression, Anxiety and other Mental Illness.” (Ipsos Reid 9May2013)
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EWS Network - Employee Wellness

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