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Understanding Mental Health’s Impact in the Workplace

One in every five Canadians experiences a mental health problem or illness within a given year. This figure equates to 20% of the Canadian population, approximately 7.1 million individuals; or the population of the 15 largest Canadian cities combined. We also know one in two Canadians under the age of 40 will experience a mental [...]

Public Perspectives: 4th Annual Canadian Mental Health Checkup

Mental health remains a challenge for many Canadians, with 42% classified as “high risk” on our Mental Health Risk Index. Similarly, 35% of Canadians report that their mental health has disrupted their lives in some way in the past year. What has changed is our perception about openness to discussing mental health. The number of [...]

A Clear Business Case for Hiring Aspiring Workers

Labour shortages in Canada are projected to reach close to two million workers by 2031, costing the Canadian economy billions in lost GDP annually. Additionally, rising rates of absenteeism, presenteeism, and turnover are now requiring employers to use innovative ways to recruit and retain a qualified labour force. Most people living with a mental health [...]