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What is a  Resource Consultant?

Your MH Resource Consultant will be set up at your request. As part of your program, the option to open this to your staff is your choice. Credits or fee for service will be required for each support call. The role of the MH Resource Consultant is to assess, and support your staff in understanding and finding a plan for support with a personal conversation about their stressor or Mental Health Challenge. This conversation will help guide your staff’s challenges or concerns, and provide immediate planning, long term planning and a listening ear. This program works well with your EAP program, or can lead you to clinical supports if necessary.

Role of a  Resource Consultant?

  1. Be the connection between people, and challenges.
  2. Onsite presence through orientation, programming and trainer in that company.
  3. Take the call, and return within 24 hours.
  4. Walk through the challenges and support individual into building a plan for immediate, short and long term support.
  5. Be the liaison between Dalton and company and SOS.
  6. Follow up with employee if required.
  7. Ongoing relationship with employee through training, onsite programming and connection.
  8. Trusted support for all employees.
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Resource Consultant Traditional EAP
With onsite programming, Mental Health Specialist will have built a rapport, and relationship with the individuals from the company. Counselling 1st goal, training and resources 2nd priority.
The Resource consultant will walk your employees through the challenge, in order to provide “right resource for the right individual”. Training and other services, set packages; little customization.
Save company dollars on preventive measures, rather then a crisis service. Intervention focus, rather then preventative.
Longer-term plan of support and treatment, leads to greater success of recovery and sustainability. 5-9 sessions common, not the priority to have long term preventing services.
Training and programming first, equals successful and sustainable self care initiatives, which lead to reduced absenteeism. HR unprepared for the connection with EAP program.
Personalized, wide range services through Dalton.  Resource consultant, also there to share other services locally saving companies time and $.
Relationship between SOS Resources such as Dalton & Associates, SOS and company strong and supportive.
Reduce HR need for “talking challenges through” especially as they are often not qualified, or comfortable talking through the challenges from employees.