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What is SOS Mental Health Programming?

SOS Mental Health Programming is paramount in making some changes within your workplace!

With SOS, you are not only getting a Mental Health Specialist but your training will be delivered with the World Class Speaking Model that will lead your audience through an experience:

  1. Engaging and interactive presentations.
  2. Hands-on practice of tools and processes.
  3. Presentations will be memorable touching all different learning styles.
  4. Fun and humorous.
  5. Action-driven.

Don’t leave your staff saying “so what”, leave them saying “now I get it”.

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Mental Health  is a Journey…

Get started now. Contact us to learn more about your ideal starting point. Just imagine where you could be in a year!



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“We all recognize that people have different ways of learning. People need to see, hear, touch and even taste to internalize new behaviour. Using consistent messaging with a focus on outreach, our strategy draws people into the program and maximizes their experience and understanding. From the uninterested and unmotivated to the fitness buff, our programs include everybody.”

– Sarah Hilton, SOS Founder and Mental Health Specialist