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THE REALITY of Mental Health in Your Business

  • The economic costs of mental health problems in Canada are estimated at $51 billion per year. (Mental Health Commission of Canada)
  • 83% of employees believe they have a responsibility to self-identify if they have a mental illness. Only 31% felt that their direct supervisor would not be understanding or supportive if they did so (Ipsos Reid, 2012).
  • 65% of managers/supervisors say they could do their job more effectively if they found ways to more easily manage distressed workers (Ipsos Reid, 2012)
  • A 2012 survey completed by Ipsos Reid, with more than 6600 working individuals, indicates that 70% of Canadian employees report some degree of concern with psychological health and safety in their workplace.
  • Over 50% of employees surveyed reported experiencing frustration, exhaustion or irritation sometimes or often in the previous month. About a quarter reported experiencing anxiety, helplessness or depression.
  • About 60% of managers/supervisors admitted that dealing with conflict is one of the most stressful parts of their job (Ipsos Reid, 2012)
  • Symptoms of mental health do affect your business. Imagine your employees living with symptoms such as this short list below while doing their job.
EWS Network - Employee Wellness
EWS Network - Employee Wellness

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