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Welcome to Stressed Out Solutions !

It took SOS founder Sarah Hilton just a moment to recognize her passion and her goal for the future; to stop silence, stigma and suicide by speaking out and training workplaces on Mental Health and how to understand and support mental illness in the workplace.

A lifetime of living with her father, diagnosed with Depression, allowed her to realize that unless families paid more attention to their children, parents and friends, people will suffer from silence and stigma.

20 years of working in the Mental Health field she came to the conclusion that unless society takes a look at preventing mental illness and promoting mental health she would still be working with the most severe of mental illnesses, chronic and critical.

Who is SOS?

“To Stop Silence, and Stigma in places where people work.”
Coast to coast, including Quebec.
“Through onsite programming, SOS will be seen as a place to speak out, share and support others.”

How Our Methods work…

Understanding the needs of every company is key to success;  what are the pressing challenges, and concerns; how will SOS programming be delivered to best suit the needs and realities of your company; and what customization will be needed to provide a successful and sustainable culture shift?
SOS recognizes the need for sensitivity, care and support while implementing a Mental Health Strategy.  This new and innovative way of supporting the needs of your employees will open the best in others, once they are comfortable and onboard with the initiative.  SOS provides experts in the field to assist with this culture shift.
Not all business looks or feels the same.  With this in mind, SOS takes time to understand your culture.  Although all SOS programming is based on proven methods and tools, there are times where customization will be needed.  SOS works closely with your champions to build and nurture your program.

Meet our amazing Leadership Team.

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“I don’t think it’s possible today to discuss wellness without including mental health. Mental health affects absolutely everyone and has a direct impact on an organization’s bottom line. I believe people working with organizations who need strategic plans to help navigate through and develop a proactive approach to mental health planning. I’m glad to say that at Stressed Out Solutions, we have the expertise, leadership and strategic partnerships to help with the overall health of your organization. I look forward to our conversation!”

-Garth Jansen, President