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What is the Mental Health Committee Certification?

Your company knows and understands the need for Workplace Mental Health support, but you don’t know where to start or how to implement? In this one-day intensive facilitation, SOS will lead your Mental Health Champions into development of a Mental Health Initiative for your company. Through this program, SOS has observed the creativity, innovation and development of plans for introducing Mental Health to a company, or to elaborate full calendar programming.

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Module  1

Defining Workplace Mental Wellness – Setting Objectives?

  • Understanding the effects of Workplace Mental Health
  • Dispelling Myths of Mental Health
  • Mission and Vision Support
  • Setting Objectives

Module  2

Gaining Support from the Company – Building Trust

  • Defining what a Mental Wellness Committee is and isn’t
  • Creating a slow, steady communication plan for the committee
  • What tools can be implemented for success and sustainability
  • How to share the committee to the company

Module  3

Moving the Committee to Action – Creating the Calendar

  • What will the company see from the committee
  • What will the company learn from the committee
  • How to build resources and support to the company
  • How to roll out the calendar of communication

Module  4

Evaluation – Building a Tracking System

  • Establishing Value
  • Creating a tracking system
  • Turnover in Mental Health Committee Champions
  • Next Steps
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